Keeping Organized

Now that my kitchen is painted I can begin to hang things on the walls again. I have wanted a command center in the kitchen to keep things organized. When a child brings in the mail, I want a place to put it until I go through it. When someone has a letter to go to the mailbox, I need somewhere to put it or it might end up in the trash can. 

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Win a Trip to Scotland!

My mother-in-law is from Scotland. I would love to take a trip to see the beautiful countryside and meet family someday. Would you like to win a free trip to Scotland? 

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Shepherding a Child's Heart

Years ago I read the book by Tedd Tripp called Shepherding a Child's Heart. I recently came across a 15-part DVD series by the same title. Tedd Tripp walks the viewer through the content of the book sharing stories and drawing visual aids. 

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Busy Bees

As always I have been busy, busy, busy...oh and I am also Happy, Happy, Happy for all you Duck Dynasty fans. There is never a dull moment around here. The other day I came in the house from hanging clothes on the laundry line to hear Titus announce, "Mommy's home!" 

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Some of My Cuties

My children are growing like weeds here in Georgia. Hard to believe that the baby is eight months old already, Titus is two and I enjoying every minute of my 30's! I thought I would share a few recent photos that haven't made it on the blog. 

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Family Photography Books Review

I have hundreds upon hundreds of pictures of my family, stored everywhere. Old prints and negatives in boxes that are sorted by date and child, pictures in photo albums, family photos waiting to be hung on the wall after I repainted the house, and thousands of pictures stored on my computer and backup files. I was recently given two photography books to review, and I must say I was incredibly impressed with both books. 

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Boys, Boys, Boys

Friday night I finished painting in the laundry room after the children went to bed. Saturday morning I went in to do a few touch-ups only to find Titus with blue paint on his hands and his shirt. I asked him where he found wet paint, to which he replied with a shrug. 

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What I'm Reading

Trim Healthy Mama: No More Fads

By: Serene Allison


Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars

By: Monica Migliorino Miller


To Sing Frogs: A Memoir

By: John M. Simmons


The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care

By: Sally Fallon Morell


Watch for coming reviews...