CASA, Court and The Joy of Adoption

Today was another day in court for my current CASA case. Sitting in court I often reflect on how far our culture has digressed. Whether it is the poor in our community that are unable to care for their children and don't know where to find help, to those who have an utter disregard for life. It makes me very sad. 

Today I watched a little girl who sat in court so dejected. I thought about how her life would be different if she had a family that would teach her how much God loves her; how he died for her, but more importantly how He lives for her! This little girl does not know the love of a father, but more importantly she needs to know the love of a Father who will never leave her. 

While talking with a group of attorneys and judges today, there was an amazement that I had given birth to so many children. The conversation turned to adopted children. Our county sees about 50% of our children reunified with parents and 50% adopted each year. So many of these children have seen such difficult lives. Not only a life of poverty, but often a life of neglect and harm. Adopting children from foster care is not for the faint of heart. 

I was recently given a book called The Joy of Adoption, 101 Stories about Forever Families and Meant-to-be-Kids. It is a part of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. I have enjoyed reading the many stories of families that have adopted children both in the US and internationally. 

The Joy of Adoption

Adoption is challenging in many ways. Mountains of paperwork, sometimes followed by months or years of waiting, seemingly endless costs, and in the end our little ones (or sometimes bigger ones) arrive home battered and broken. Children who are hurting, desiring love, though sometimes they hide it, in need of a forever family. Even more important than a forever family, they are in need of a Savior; healing only He can give. 

I enjoyed this book for the positive stories on adoption, but sometimes it seems like we only hear the sweet stories of children that are adopted. Children that fit right in. Children that are well adjusted and love in return. This is often not the case with many families that have adopted. 

Reading books like The Joy of Adoption can be very encouraging and uplifting. This is a great book whether you have adopted, are thinking about adopting or just love stories with a happy ending. 


Andy and Carrie Redman