Memories of Lawn Care Days

A few years ago my older boys had a lawn care business. They ran the business for one year and did very well. They learned to deal with customers, even not so nice ones. They learned to work hard, go after new accounts and deal with people. Andrew worked with the boys on the weekends and in the evenings and many days I drove them and waited in the car while they worked. 

Josiah mowing


On Saturday some of the boys went to mow the Grandpa and Grandma's lawn at their new home. I watched as they worked together and laughed together. Sometimes I miss the olden days, even though it was a challenging time for our family, it was a time when my little boys become men, who now hold jobs in the community and are known for their hard work, diligence and integrity. 

Jonathan mowing

Moms of little boys...don't waste time daydreaming about what tomorrow holds because tomorrow will be here before you know it. Enjoy every minute you can with them while you have the chance!

Andrew trimming bushes


Andy and Carrie Redman