Learning to Trust Even in Trials

Two years ago we vacationed in Florida as a family. We had a wonderful time swimming, fishing, playing and just relaxing. Not all of my children knew how to swim when we were at the beach, so we had very specific rules that were put in place for everyone's safety...and also so that mom did not have to jump in and save anyone.

One child, who was not a good swimmer, was told not to go past their waist in the water. This child chose not to listen and went a little deeper. He was on a boogie board and was swept out past where he felt comfortable and he began to panic.

James and BJ at the lake

The next time we went swimming that same child did not want to go in the water. It took time for him to learn to trust us that he would not float to Africa, if he was obedient and abided by our rules.

Even as adults we often lack trust; trust in our ability as a parent, trust in our spouse, even lacking trust in the Lord.

Rebekah and Jubilee at the lake

Recently I was reminded again what my child had to learn....we can trust the Lord in all things!

Last week when Andrew called to say his leg was getting worse and he needed to go into the doctor, I figured it was probably a blood clot. I did not have any idea what a roller coaster the next week or two would hold.

Eden swimming at the lake

After being diagnosed with a blood clot in his leg from top to bottom he was scheduled for an ultrasound the following day. Upon further investigation we soon came to understand that the ultrasound was looking for cancer. We were told that we would hear the following day, but several days passed by with no word.

Here was my big opportunity to trust the Lord. At times I was successful and at times I failed miserably. The reality that I could lose my best friend or that I could be a single mom was at times overwhelming, just like the idea of getting back into the water was for my son.

Micah at the lakePraise the Lord Andrew's tests came back negative for cancer. We still do not have answers on his blood clots or what is wrong with his knee.

Today he went for an MRI and was turned down, due to a possible metal speck in his eye from his younger days. We continue to trust the Lord...one step at a time and enjoy investing time together as a family while he continues to heal.

Andy and Carrie Redman