No More Baby Scale

Micah is gaining weight! A month ago we rented a Medela baby scale from the local hospital to weigh Micah every day. Each morning he would get up, get his diaper changed and we would weigh him. I kept a journal of his weight, when and how much I was pumping and how much he was eating.

Our pediatrician kept a good watch on Micah's growth and was a great encouragement to keep doing what we were doing. I am so very thankful for a pediatrician and a chiropractor that support us and love Micah. Our schedule is nurse, bottle feed, pump, repeat...every 2-3 hours. Until Micah came down with RSV he has been sleeping very well. In the past few nights...lets just say...neither mom nor Micah have slept. 

Micah on the baby scale 

I have never pumped as many bottles as I have in the last few weeks, but I am so very thankful for a good Medela pump that I can use to continue giving him breastmilk instead of formula.

After 23 years of nursing babies I never envisioned I would have to bottle feed, but it has been a blessing in many ways. Andrew and the older children have enjoyed the bonding they have experienced feeding Micah as well. I also found the extra rest time in the first few weeks, while working with Micah on feeding, has been a time of bonding and recovery for me. 



Andy and Carrie Redman