Busy With Birthdays

This month is our big birthday month! Noah and Korpu start off the month on the 19th, Jordan on the 22nd, Jonathan on the 23rd, Rachel on the 31 and Jubilee will celebrate her first birthday on the 2nd of August. 

Korpu had fun at the Cabbage Patch Hospital and carries her new doll on her back wherever she goes. 

Noah and Korpu's Birthday

Noah has a new iPod Nano. A few years ago we allowed him to get an iPod but after several times through the washing machine, we knew he was not ready to take care of it. He is now 11 and has taken great care of it. 

Noah at BWW

We celebrated with dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings for the birthday children and ice cream sundaes.

Jordan's 18th birthday

Jordan has been waiting for his gift to come in. We took Jordan's favorite gun to the local shop to have a cerakote coating put on it. Today, after work, we will pick it up! 

Happy Birthday Jordan!

Jordan's boss at work gave him an ice cream cake for his birthday and the fire department had a little party with tons of sweets and yummies. 

Jonathan at BWW

Jonathan is the very happy owner of the new tablet. We found an amazing deal online and he uses it to keep himself organized. 

Girls celebrating at Korpu's birthday

Rachel's birthday is tomorrow. I will not be sharing about her surprise until this weekend, but let me just say, she will be very surprised. 

Jubilee's birthday is coming...

Jubilee's birthday is coming on Saturday and I haven't decided what to purchase her. Any great ideas for a 1st birthday present? 

Andy and Carrie Redman