My Birthday Girls Go To Nashville

I told you that we had an exciting birthday planned for Rachel and Jubilee this year, but it was a surprise. Thursday night we went to the lake to BBQ and have dessert for Rachel's birthday. The celebration was really just a decoy so that Rachel would not know what we were planning for Friday! 

Before bed on Thursday night Andrew told Rachel she needed to be ready to leave the house the next morning at 4:45 am. She had no idea! 

This surprise took an abundance of planning, sneakiness and organization. Leaving for the day with my number one babysitter required a little work. Jonathan and Rebekah jumped in two watch the younger ones, drop Josiah at work and keep the house running for the day. Jordan and Josiah had work and then came home to help. 

Andrew and I were up early and ready to go. Rachel and Jubilee were up but not sure what we had planned for our adventure. 

We left early and drove about 45 minutes east to a small airport. We went into the airport and checked in, but Rachel still had no idea where we were going until the lady at the counter mentioned Nashville. At this point Rachel thought flying to Nashville was the surprise. 

SeaPort Airlines

Would you believe we were the only passengers on this little 9 passenger plane? The four of us sat in the back of the plane off we flew around sunrise. 

Rachel flying to Nashville

We arrived at Nashville International Airport and picked up a rental car.We enjoyed a yummy breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then headed out walk around the city.

Knowing how Rachel loves music and sightseeing we took her to tour the Grand Ole Opry. It was a lot of fun to go up on stage, see behind the scenes and hear the stories of musicians over the years. When we went in to get tickets the morning tours were all sold out. The next tour available was at 10:15. In my head I kept thinking,"we have lunch reservations at 11:30, I hope we can make it!" 

Rachel and Jubilee's birthday trip to Nashville

After finishing the tour we headed to PF Chang's for lunch. When we entered the parking lot I mentioned a front row parking spot. Andrew went to pull in and Rachel commented on the large white van next to us with a "Hickman County" license plate. She laughed and thought nothing of it. 

When we walked into the restaurant, one of Rachel's close friends and her husband and children were waiting at the table for us. Rachel was in shock. I wished I had taken a picture, but honestly I was just so happy that we were able to keep it all a secret and surprise her after months of planning. 

We had a wonderful afternoon of fellowship and encouragement. We then took a drive around Franklin area and eventually ate dinner at a little farm to table burger shop.

Daddy enjoying his flight

We did a little shopping for souvenirs for the two girls and prepared to wait for our plane to leave. We flew on a small airline called SeaPort Air and I can't say enough great things about their staff in Georgia. Our flight home was delayed, which was really nice because it gave us a little extra time in Nashville. 

All four of us had a wonderful day and it took the whole weekend to recuperate from all the fun! 

Landing in Nashville


Andy and Carrie Redman