From Woodworking to Playing Dolls

Wow, things have been quiet around my blog lately. One of my sons recently asked that I start writing more because he checks the blog daily and needed new information. We are all doing well, just busy with our large family end of the summer fun!

This week Jonathan was asked to do a little woodworking. Josiah and Titus helped him with his shopping at Lowes. 

Josiah, Jonathan and Titus woodworking project

The little girls love playing dollies. Jubilee loves to play as well. Jubilee is starting to take steps on her own. It is hard to believe she is already a year old. 

Jubilee playing dolls with the girls

We are not back to school yet, but I am in the planning stages. We have some grade level testing we will be doing soon and then getting started. This year I have some fun monthly field trips planned as well as crafts to go along with each field trip. I will be posting more about our coming school year soon.