A Trip to the Lake

As the summer comes to an end we are trying to take advantage of every opportunity we can to enjoy the warm weather and swimming at the lake. Living in North Georgia we have several lakes close to us, including Lake Lanier. 


Yesterday I invested the morning in canning tomatoes, cleaning the little girls playhouse out and getting a few things done around the house. After lunch I asked the children if they wanted to head to the beach when Jordan finished work. 

Canning Tomatoes

Of course everyone said,"Yes!!" 

Jubilee playing in the water

Jordan ended up getting a couple hours of overtime and then he was heading to the fire station, so the rest of us headed to the beach without him. 

Jubilee and Korpu playing on the beach

A couple of children were scared of the water at the beginning of the summer but now they are swimming everywhere! Only a few more weeks of swimming fun before it cools off...

Children swimming at the beach