The Best Hairbrush I Have Ever Owned!

Korpu and Abigail have very tangly hair. Abigail's hair is much like mine, thinner tight curls and hard to brush. Korpu on the other hand has Liberian hair which is incredibly tight curls and very, very thick. Both are hard to brush and frequently cause tears.

The girls were given new hairbrushes to try that are supposed to be excellent for curly, tangled hair. 

When the brushes arrived, we noticed the bristles were soft and flexible, but not like a boar bristle brush. The brush is similar to a metal or nylon bristle brush. The girls each chose one from the bright yellow and pretty purple brushes. 

The Wet Brush for Curly Hair

I will say I only wish my mom had one of these brushes when I was little! These brushes are amazing. 

After Abigail washed her hair she began to brush it out on her own. At six years old she was able to brush through her hair and get almost all of the tangles out without tears. We didn't even use any detangler sprays; just a simple shampoo and conditioner. 

Abigail uses the Wet Brush

Korpu on the other hand did not work as well with the brush. Her hair is so very coarse the brush is not strong enough to comb through her hair. We find a large tooth comb still works best for her, but the brush does work well for her once the tangles are out of her hair. 

Abigail uses the Wet Brush

If you have little girls with hair that is easily tangled, I would highly recommend these great brushes! I just saw them today in our local Kroger store. 

Abigail loves the Wet Brush