AT&T and the Ever Failing Internet

I hate to complain on Our Full House. In fact I am not a fan of complaining at all. Over the years I have taught our children the little song, "Do Everything Without Complaining" by Steve Green. 


So here is my complaint about my internet service provider. I have a blog that I would love to post on regularly. I have nine children that are homeschooled who use the internet periodically. I have three adults in my home that need the internet for business purposes. I have pictures from a recent vacation, a video I need to upload for a family member as well as regular household business that needs completed regularly on the computer. 

I can't do any of those things without reliable internet service. We have AT&T and while our internet speed is not amazing by folks standards, we have fairly good speeds for living in a semi-rural area. 

The problem comes from internet that is not able to perform as it should due to continual issues at the DSLAM (AT&T's device used to route our traffic to the internet). When we notify AT&T about the problem it can take them a week or more to get to our issue, then a few days to fix it and usually that only lasts a short while until it breaks again. 

I love when Andrew works from home. It saves him about 3 hours of commute time, but until we get this issue solved he can't even work from home. 

Do you have AT&T? Is your internet service reliable?