Sleep in a Large Family

Over the years I have survived on very little sleep. Most of my children either sleep with us or in our room for the first year. It is a choice that Andrew and I made when we began having children. Around the time they turn one we usually move them into a bedroom with siblings. 

In our home this has helped our little ones to bond with mommy and daddy as well as the convenience of nighttime feedings.I found many years ago that we all slept better when the baby slept well.

My first few years of motherhood were difficult. I was young and not accustomed to waking several times a night to feed a baby. I listened to the advice of friends and family and eventually found what worked well for us. Once my body adjusted I began to embrace the quiet time to feed the baby, pray and meditate on Scripture. 

Titus and Jubilee sleeping together

Over the years I have invested countless hours praying for my children and husband in the dark hours of the night. I have enjoyed many hours of cuddling, rocking and loving on my babies. 

As I get older I find it harder to get a good nights sleep after being up at night with the baby. Over the years I have fought Lyme Disease, thyroid/adrenal issues, liver problems and many pregnancies. The Lord has always provided the rest I need. 

Jubilee Faith

When I only had 6-8 children I would put everyone down for a rest in the afternoon and the house would be quiet. As the family continues to grow it is more difficult to have a completely quiet house, or the time to rest each afternoon. We now have little ones that nap daily, a few that nap periodically as needed and mom who loves a Sunday afternoon rest whenever possible. 

I am so thankful for a husband and older children who help by feeding the little ones breakfast or driving someone to work at 4:00 in the morning. 

I learned many years ago that I cannot do it all. We work as a team around here and everything gets accomplished!