Amazon Mom is Amazing

Okay, many of you may think I have been living under a rock. Over the years I have found many different ways to save money on diapers. I have used coupons and shopped sales, I have shopped at Costco and Sam's Club and I have even used cloth diapers.

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What A Mess...Canning Jar Come Tumbling Down

After an amazing Thanksgiving on Thursday we had a huge mess on Friday. Several of us were sitting in the living room on Friday morning and heard a terrible crashing sound. We waited for a couple seconds waiting to hear someone in the kitchen say they had dropped a glass or a plate, but over the next few seconds the crashing sound continued.

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Nocturnal Baby and Action Jackson

When in Oklahoma a few months ago my dad started calling Titus "Action Jackson". Titus loved the name and frequently tells us "no, my name is Action Jackson!" He loves to strap my changing table pad on his back and run around like a superhero....I am thinking I need to sew him a cape!

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Andy and Carrie Redman