What a Legacy...66 Years and Counting

Last week the children and I drove to Oklahoma to visit with my grandparents and my parents. We had a wonderful time playing, eating, singing and making memories that will last my children's lifetime. 

I am truly blessed to have parents and grandparents that not only are still married after all these years but are more in love today than they were when they met. 

My parents have been married for 43 years and my grandparents for 66 years. Together in three generations we have 131 years of marriage and still counting. What a legacy to pass down to our children.


Since my oldest children were newborns I have prayed daily for their future spouses. I pray that my sons would be Godly leaders of their households, that they would love their wives and raise Godly children. For my daughters I have prayed that they would be submissive wives with a heart to be a helper to their husbands and that they would love and train their children. 

I recently read a blog article called To Wives: Before You Were Mommy. Wow! What a great article to remind us as mothers that we were first and foremost called to be a wife to our husband. Remember that when we said "I Do" many years ago we became a family, not when the little ones came along. 

As a mom with many distractions in her life (14 children and a large busy household), I need to be constantly reminded to place the Lord first, followed by my husband and then my children. 

My children know how much I love them. I would give my life for them, but they also know how much I love their daddy. Someday my children will leave my home and start their own family. My husband and I will be one until death do us part!