Global Orphan Outreach Needs Your Help

Global Orphan Outreach is helping orphans in need in Liberia, West Africa through the Forget-Me-Not foster home.


Global Orphan Outreach


Dear Friends of Global Orphan Outreach;

As you may know, the orphan crisis worldwide is reaching epidemic proportions. It is estimated that the number of orphans will reach 145 million by this year (according to Thankfully there are more people stepping up to obey God’s call to take care of these orphans. Unfortunately, there are still children that have a very bleak future. Abandoned children with special need are the most neglected and the most in need. These are the children that would benefit from 1st world medical care, therapies, nutrition, and needless to say, a loving attentive family.

The directors and volunteers of Global Orphan Outreach (a registered nonprofit in the U.S. and an accredited NGO in Liberia) are diligently working towards elevating some of the orphan crisis in Liberia, Africa through our foster homes -Forget-Me-Not Children’s Homes. Through the ministry outreach efforts of GOO; foster homes are giving abandoned special children love, nutrition, support, and therapies that they need. Our mission is to advocate and support the outreach of orphan children and families in need, worldwide through shared resources and awareness.

While our work in Liberia involves several areas from school scholarships, medical outreach, community development, to project partnerships with the Liberian people, we are always actively advocating for the most vulnerable and that would be the children with handicaps, medical needs, and of special needs.

We realize that no individual, organization, group, or country can attempt to handle the vast needs of orphans worldwide by themselves. This can only be done by partnering with other ministries, organizations, and individuals like you- working together towards the same goals. We invite you to partner with us to meet these goals.

Over the next two months, Global Orphan Outreach has a budget shortage of $5,000 to meet those needs. We invite you to be a part of a Global Community by making a difference with your donation. Any amount is appreciated. Gifts can be sent to our address or click on the pay pal button on our global website-

Please contact us as we look forward to hearing from you. Together we can have a remarkable partnership in helping the most fragile of Liberia. For further information about this program or any of our other programs in Liberia, contact us at Global Orphan Outreach-#715-415-4401 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For pictures of current children needing support, click on Global Orphan Outreach.

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