Inspired Baby Names

It is that time again…time to begin thinking about baby names. I am due with baby number 15 in July and we have begun thinking and talking about a name for this new little one.

Last week I was contacted by a company asking if I would be willing to write a review on a new baby name book called Inspired Baby Names from Around the World. The book contains 6,000 international names and the meaning behind them.  

Inspired Baby Names - book review

While I would never consider most of the names in the book, it is fun to read through and see the different names from around the world.

Included in the book are cultural naming customs, names (from different cultures) for grandparents, top names over the decades and top dog and cat names, as well as 6,000 international names and their meanings.

Inspired Baby Names is full of Bible verses, as well as quotations from the Koran, Muslim and Persian spiritual authors, Buddhist sutras, Sanskrit Upanishads and Hindu authors, American Indian texts, the Tao Te Ching, Chinese authors, proverbs from Africa, Japan and Hawaii as well as quotes from philosophers. 

In the back of the book there is a section to search for names by meaning as well as names listed by ethnicity. Inspired Baby Names is definitely the most comprehensive baby name book I have ever seen. 

In our home, Andrew and I name our children with great thought, prayer and consideration. Our children are named with much purpose. We often do not name a new baby until after they are born.

Each of our children are named with a Biblical name (some also have family names) and each of their names fit their personality amazingly well. These are the meanings according to the book Inspired Baby Names from Around the World…

Redman Family

Rachel Anne – ewe, sheep; gracious and merciful

Jonathan David – God has given; loved

Jordan Daniel – to flow down, descend; God is my judge

Josiah Stephen – God is salvation; crown

Rebekah Lynn – connection, tie, join; waterfall, cascade

James Levi – transform, successor; joined, united

Barvor James – African; transform, successor

Noah Michael – comfort, peace; who is like God?

Gideon Eli – mighty warrior; uplifted

Korpu Joy – African; joyful, happy

Abigail Grace – father’s joy and delight; graceful, gracious, blessed

Eden Hope – delight, pleasant; hope, faith 

Titus Jackson - honorable, valorous; God is gracious, God is giving

Jubilee Faith – joyous, celebration; trust, confident belief

Baby coming soon…

I received this book from New World Publishing for this review post. The book was given to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed are my own. No other compensation was provided. 



Andy and Carrie Redman