Fun Times Always Include Bugs

We live on a small farm and one thing that never changes from year to year is the amount of bugs in the spring and summer time. The girls and I are virtual bug magnets! The boys have been in the jungle of Haiti and barely been bit. 

Every year the girls and I try all the natural bug repellents, some with great success and some not so much. 

This year I was sent a sample from Buzz Away, a natural insect repellent which contains no deet. The girls and I decided to give it a try and see how it worked. 

Buzz Away Bug Repellent

We started at the beach with the very large mosquito population. I put some spray on me and Micah while we sat and watched the kids swim. I also sprayed some on Micah's blanket. 

I was very surprised when we came home neither of us had any bites. Another plus is it lasts up to 4 hours so you don't have to constantly be reapplying. 

Boys eating lunch at the beach with Buzz Away on

Rebekah took the spray when she went to the park to play volleyball with friends and she was equally impressed. She did find a spot or two that she missed with the spray, but overall she was far better than without the spray. 

Korpu and BJ eating lunch at the lake with Buzz Away on

We have continued to use the spray on us while outside in the yard or working with the animals and have been very impressed. I am getting ready to purchase another bottle, though I love the small travel size to put in my purse and diaper bag. 

Waterpark fun wearing Buzz Away Bug Repellent

If you are like us and find welts on your arms and legs whenever you go outside in the grass, I would highly recommend you try Buzz Away!


Andy and Carrie Redman