Preparing for Our Next School Year

Every summer I have a planning day on the calendar for our upcoming school year. I invest my day choosing and refining our curriculum for each of the children. I plan our daily and yearly schedule. I also plan any field trips or places we would like to visit. The day is wrapped in prayer as I write individual academic, physical and spiritual goals for each child.

This year I am a bit ahead of schedule in my planning for curriculum. The four older boys will be continuing on with the Monarch online schooling they did this last year. I liked the format and it was very easy for them to do on their own. I will be changing to using our own Bible lessons, as I didn't care for the Bible by AOP.

Abigail will be starting the Monarch online lessons this year as well. Eden and Titus will be continuing some A Beka and some various other books. Korpu's lessons I pick and choose what works best for her. Jubilee will join Eden and Titus in A Beka, Code books and lots of flash cards and fun. 

Each year looks different, just as each child is different. This year I will have two little boys that are not school age. Micah who is a very active, soon to be two year old and Solomon who is peaceful, but as a newborn he will need to be held and cuddled while the others do their work.

Baby Solomon

This year the older five children will be out of the home most days. Josiah will also be having a reconstructive surgery on his ankle, which will mean more doctors appointments and therapy.



Andy and Carrie Redman