What A Mess...Canning Jar Come Tumbling Down

After an amazing Thanksgiving on Thursday we had a huge mess on Friday. Several of us were sitting in the living room on Friday morning and heard a terrible crashing sound. We waited for a couple seconds waiting to hear someone in the kitchen say they had dropped a glass or a plate, but over the next few seconds the crashing sound continued.

Andrew and Jonathan made it to the laundry room first. When I came around the corner in the kitchen and could see the laundry room I knew what had happened. Unfortunately I could do nothing to stop the continued crashing.

Canning Jar Shelves Crumble

I have a large industrial shelving unit in my laundry room. Last week I had re-arranged many of my canned foods (tomatoes, chili, pulled pork, beans, pumpkin, applesauce, apple pie, peaches, etc) on the shelves as well other storage items. 

I have used these shelves for years, but recently the shelves shifted and the legs began to bow in. When I ran the washing machine on Friday morning (big load of blankets) the washer rocked a bit and shook the floor enough to make the shelf's legs bend and collapse. 

Hours of cleaning jars

It took us hours to clean the broken jars and food off the floor, walls, doors and the rest of the laundry room. Then came washing the hundreds of jars that were left and placing them somewhere to store until we build new shelves.

Cleaning broken canning jars

There were even black beans and tomatoes on my washing machine. 

Andrew and Jonathan cleaned the laundry room while Rachel, Rebekah and I cleaned up the jars. Even Jubilee helped! 

Jubilee helping with canning jars

After all was said and done we only lost about 20 jars in all. What a blessing. Now to start building heavy duty wood shelves for my food storage. 


Andy and Carrie Redman