What Punks and Lightbulbs Have in Common...Music?

It’s review time again! We were given a couple of really neat products to try…you might be interested in them, too.

Remember when I was given a pair of those awesome Tracks Headphones from SOL Republic last year? We were pleasantly surprised with the quality—especially for the price.

This time, SOL Republic graciously sent us another fantastic music product: the PUNK.                                                                              

 SOL Republic PUNK Speaker

The PUNK is incredible. The square-shaped speaker is tiny and can fit in the palm of an adult’s hand. It’s wireless and connects very simply to any Bluetooth device. The speaker comes with a 3.5mm jack (try connecting it to your iPod or use it in the car!) and can function wirelessly up to 60 feet away.

Not only is it wireless, the PUNK has an 8-hour battery life, is shock/water/dust resistant and comes in seven colors. My family was amazed at the power of this little speaker. The sound is crystal clear and can turn up remarkably loud; we’ve been able to listen to music above the noise of our shop vacuum running at the same time!

Another neat and unusual product we were given was the AwoX StriimLIGHT mini Color LED lightbulb with a Bluetooth speaker. This isn’t your typical lightbulb.

The StriimLIGHT is a color-changing LED bulb with the ability to stream music like a speaker from a Bluetooth device anywhere it’s plugged in. Pretty wild, huh?

AwoX StriimLIGHT Mini Color Speaker Lightbulb

Included is a remote control to change the colors and control the brightness of the bulb. You can also use the AwoX SmartCOLOR Control mobile app (it’s free!) and the bulb is compatible with numerous smartphones and tablets. The StriimLIGHT is an energy-saving 3W LED running 100-240v and fits a standard E26 socket.

The audio capability is great. We tested the bulb in the bathroom above the vanity; no doubt it would be easy to hear over the shower. You could install it in the kitchen, in the lamp on your desk, somewhere in the living room—the possibilities are endless.

Just be aware though, this bulb is not bright. It’s more of a music-playing tool than a source of light due to its energy-saving qualities. All the same, it makes for a fun novelty to add to your home.