Amazon Mom is Amazing

Okay, many of you may think I have been living under a rock. Over the years I have found many different ways to save money on diapers. I have used coupons and shopped sales, I have shopped at Costco and Sam's Club and I have even used cloth diapers.

Each has had it's own benefits and drawbacks. Cloth diapers are great but not all of my children could use them on their sensitive skin. 

Huggies Diapers

Costco and Sam's Club are a great way to save money on larger packages, but I find that I spend more money overall by shopping at these giant warehouses regularly. I find it hard to get in and out of there without spending $500 and up! 

Couponing works well and CVS frequently has great sales on diapers, but I find our store is not consistent with stocking the diapers they have on sale. They may have a couple packages but not enough for me to benefit from the coupons and sales. 

Amazon Mom

In comes Amazon Mom! We have been members of Amazon Prime for a few years now and love it. I love being able to get free two day shipping on my purchases, watch instant video, stream music and store unlimited photos. 

Last night I signed up for Amazon Mom and ordered my first months supply of diapers. I received 20% off my order and free shipping. 

My diaper order is set up for once a month. They will arrive on the same day each month, unless I go in and change it. 

Here is the price comparison from my local stores:

  • CVS - 35 cents/diaper (must spend over $50 for free shipping)
  • WalMart - 24.5 cents/diaper (must spend over $50 for free shipping)
  • Costco - 21.6 cents/diaper (limit two packages per order, free shipping 3-5 business days)
  • Sam's Club - 24.4 cents/diaper (free standard shipping)
  • Amazon Mom - 19.6 cents/diaper (free two day shipping)
  • - 22.9 cents/diaper (must spend over $50 for free shipping)

Subscribe and Save from Amazon

Together with Amazon Prime and Amazon Mom I also receive monthly shipments from Amazon Subscribe and Save. Amazon offers thousands of products delivered to my door, with free shipping and up to 15% discount. 

I have a monthly shipment, of items I use regularly, delivered to my door! 

For my large and growing family we order a case of toilet paper and paper towel. I am able to save money even over Aldi and WalMart prices and it comes directly to my front door! I also order a few more small items that I change around as needed. 

Case of Toilet Paper

I think you will find that Subscribe and Save and Amazon Mom will save you money and make shopping easier. Try a few things that you use on a regular basis.

Check it out and see if you can save money too!

Please click here to try Amazon Mom.

Andy and Carrie Redman