A Busy Season At Home

Life has been busy as usual at home. Andrew has been off work for two weeks and I have been dealing with morning sickness...well really all day sickness. 

Here are a few things we have been busy with....

Rachel played the harp at the local library for the children's reading program. 

Rachel playing the harp at the children's library day

Jordan won the Rookie of the Year at the fire dept. 

Jordan - Rookie of the Year

Josiah purchased a motorcycle. 

Josiah's new motorcycle project

The younger children...actually all the children...and daddy...put together the new trampoline and have jumped and jumped and jumped.

New trampoline

We enjoyed our annual dinner out to Waffle House (a long standing tradition...only place open on Christmas Day for dinner).

Jonathan at the annual Waffle House dinner

Andrew and Jonathan have been working hard on their new lathe. 

Lathe restore project

Abigail lost four front teeth in the last week and has four more ready to come out.

Abigail toothless

Jubilee moved up to the girl's bedroom and is becoming such a big girl. 

Jubilee is a big girl now