Fun Times Always Include Bugs

We live on a small farm and one thing that never changes from year to year is the amount of bugs in the spring and summer time. The girls and I are virtual bug magnets! The boys have been in the jungle of Haiti and barely been bit. 

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Never Too Old to Hang With Mom

Somewhere over the years my older children have gone from being my children to being my closest friends. I love investing time with them, whether traveling to appointments, watching them as they become more independent or the long chats we have...often late at night when they arrive home from work. 

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From the Peach State

Georgia is known as The Peach State. It is our nickname, our official state fruit, hey even our state healthcare is named after the peach. What you may not have known is that we are actually the third state in numbers of peaches grown in the US. California and South Carolina produce far more peaches than we do. Maybe our peaches are just the tastiest. 

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Andy and Carrie Redman